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Utilization of garbage is one of the most pressing problems that humanity faces. The volume of industrial, household and other wastes grows annually, which ultimately can lead to environmental collapse. According to statistics, 1 person annually produces about 300 kg of garbage, and only in the EU the amount of household waste exceeds 200,000,000 tons per year.

Despite the urgency of this problem, the waste recycling and processing industry still suffers from a number of unresolved problems: Geographical limitations. In some countries, various programs are already in operation, so people can receive various rewards for the processing of domestic garbage, but they are only of a local nature and affect a smaller part of the world population. Lack of incentives. Most of the existing programs operate only with ideological incentives - improving the environment and the like. Accordingly, users simply do not receive the necessary benefits for themselves. The lack of conscientious contractors. Some companies that offer rewards for recycling simply deceive users without paying the money promised. The Clean Solutions platform is able to solve all the above problems by using its own coins and blockchain technology.

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Road map

q4 2018
  • Start of the main network
  • Listing on exchanges
q1 2019
  • Marketing campaign launch
  • Connecting new environmental and recyclin companies Mobile application release for Android and iOS
q2-q4 2019
  • Signing partnerships with international environmental companies
  • Extension of the platform and application
q1 2020
  • More than 100 new strategic partners
  • Over 50,000 active users

Platform Features

Clean Solutions is a modern and technologically advanced solution in the field of ecology and garbage processing that will solve a lot of global problems concerning every inhabitant of the planet Earth. The main features of the platform include

At the heart of the platform is a modern business model, built on the basis of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.
The combination of the PoS consensus algorithm and the masternode system allows you to receive a consistently high income for an extended period of time.
The platform solves actual problems that hinder us for several decades.
Advantageous deals for both environmental companies and users who wish to protect the environment.


Coin nameClean Solutions
Hash AlgoQuark
Block Time60 seconds
Maturity187 blocks
RewardsMN - 70%, POS - 30%
Staking age3 hours
Required coins for MN1000
Max Coin Supply100 000 000
Block heightReward
1 - 120001
12001 - 14000014